Energy Efficient Home

Did you know that an energy efficient home entitles the home buyer to buy a home with a higher loan power? That means, if you’re trying to purchase an energy efficient home, you’re entitled to a higher percentage loan? And to make the deal even sweeter, you can demand a higher price for your energy efficient home as opposed to one that is not energy efficient.

Here are some criteria for the home to be qualified as an energy efficient home.

The water heater consumes more or less 35% of the energy supplied to your home that’s why it’s important for us to emphasize and start off with the water heating system. You can build or renovate your conventional home and turn it into an energy efficient home by using solar hot water panels. And then you can connect it to a wetback for the times when it’s raining, cloudy or in winter. An energy efficient home will have a retrofitted solar hot water system with a storage tank and a mini pump that helps bring the hot water to all parts of the energy efficient home through a copper pipe system.

Energy efficient homes with space heating and cooling systems

25% of the energy supplied to your energy efficient home is used by the space heating and cooling system in your home. You can turn your home into an energy efficient home by installing a high quality passive-solar design and heating system. You see, a conventional home will use about 20 kw hours per day. If we convert our homes into energy efficient homes, we can dispense with 60% of the energy being used right now! That’s like cutting the cost of electricity by more than half with an energy efficient home.

An energy efficient home will use the proper building materials, to actually insulate the home from extreme low and extreme high temperatures. Therefore, an energy efficient home actually feels not too hot during summer and not too cold during winter. Using concrete slabs and rock for walls in an energy efficient home can stabilize and even out the temperature inside the house.

An energy efficient home needs energy efficient appliances

This goes without saying since you can save more than 70% of the energy that your appliances (all around the house) is currently using up. With an energy efficient home, a simple compact fluorescent light bulb can make a world of difference! These energy saving bulbs produce 3 times more light and yet they consume less energy. Hence, an energy efficient house needs to use them instead of the conventional light bulbs.